Vaseline and olive oil for buttocks

As it has been with so much of traditional lore, the inherently erotic properties of olive oil lubricant were swept into the shadows by modernity and are only recently coming back to light.

The ancient Egyptians, Greeksand Romans were well-versed in the many benefits of olive oil and used it amply in sexy bedroom scenes. But as time passed, olive oil became relegated to kitchen use. Rather than censoring sexual deviations, they celebrated sexuality in all its forms — which can be seen in their prized art pieces.

vaseline and olive oil for buttocks

The amphorae and vases of that period depict vivid scenes of heterosexual and homosexual intercourse, group orgies, fellatio, and masturbation. Many of them also depict other interesting details. But the olive oil? Well, it was the choice lubricant for sexual unions. Rich and pungent, olive oil can be massaged deep into the pores, relaxing muscles, and loosening limbs.

According to recent studies, the fatty acids in pure olive oil play an important part in various immune functions, by lowering immunological variables that induce mineral and vitamin deficiencies. Thus, it regulates the immune system and may also help treat some autoimmune diseases. When used properly, olive oil lubricant combats inflammationcancer, and diabetes.

What Will Make My Butt Bigger?

Improved mental agility has also been linked to olive oil. Plus, it keeps all the organs of the body running more smoothly.

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Our Curious Intimate Massage features squalane derived from olive oil. In addition to its moisturizing properties and remarkable silkiness, squalane is also used in treating skin disorders such as seborrheia, dermatitis, acne, psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis. Olive oil boosts blood circulation throughout the body — particularly, to our elusive erogenous zones. Is it any wonder that Casanova, the most infamous lover in history, hailed from Italy — the land dripping in extra-virgin olive oil?

The sex drive is stronger — and passions can be fulfilled on a deeper level. Olive oil plays an even more pertinent role in the bedroom as we age. Women who go through menopause often notice a painful shrinkage in vaginal areas. This can be ameliorated through internal and external olive oil massages — an exciting task to embark on either alone or with a partner. But something as simple and pleasurable as a good olive oil massage can really put a woman back in touch with her body.There are a lot of ways to make your butt bigger out there, mainly in the form of butt enhancing productsbut one thing they have in common is the range of active ingredients they use.

Here is an A to Z list of the most common active ingredients you can find in these products. Aguaje is a fruit indigenous to South America that is rich in vitamins A and C, as well as phytoestrogens, oleic acid, and electrolytes. The fruit also contains a decent amount of protein — crucial to any butt-building diet. Learn more about aguaje for a bigger butt here.

5 Ways to Sweeten Your Sex Life With A Little Olive Oil Lubricant

The two are the same fruit. This cream was created by a Dr. There are better options. Bovine Ovary is exactly what it sounds like — the ovaries of a cow. Bovine ovary pills are made from specially-prepared and freeze-dried ovaries taken from a female cow.

You see, bovine ovary is a form of glandular therapy. This hormone stimulation reproduces a sort of second puberty — causing an intense development of female sex characteristics breasts and butt that usually occurs in puberty. Learn more about Bovine Ovary for butt enlargement!

Yes, and bigger breasts and wider hips as well since has an overall feminizing effect. Buruti oil is a rich and nourishing facial oil that lubricates tissues, restores elasticity, and harmonizes your skin.

The oil is also a great source of essential fatty acids, containing a high concentration of oleic and palmitic acids that help to moisturize the skin and protect fibroblast cells that are essential for supporting collagen and elastin. Buruti oil is great for nourishing the skin in general and can be a good addition to your butt enlarging routine — it supplies your butt skin with essential fatty acids and improves your skin elasticity to prevent against stretch marks as your butt expands.

BUT — buruti oil does not contain the phytoestrogens that aguaje pills or powders do. Buruti oil can be used as a topical supplement. Learn more about buruti oil here! No, not really. But like we said above, it is great for hydrating and nourishing the skin, thus preventing against stretch marks.

Many people believe that rubbing fish oil on the buttocks can result in a bigger butt. The original idea behind this fish oil theory comes from the unique health benefits of fish oil. Fish oil contains 5 types of Omega fatty acids, one of which is omega These fatty acids are thought to absorb directly through the butt skin resulting in a fatter, plumper butt.

Learn about the best herbs for getting a bigger butt. Some herbs have high enough phytoestrogen levels to gradually widen your hips and increase your breasts and butt. Tyrosine is a naturally occurring amino acid that plays an important roles in the functioning of the adrenal, pituitary, and thyroid glands that control hormone production.

As such, Tyrosine does not impact butt growth directly, but is important in facilitating butt growth by encouraging the production of hormones that do directly impact butt growth.Many couples often try anal sex in an attempt to make their sex life more exciting or due to pure curiosity. The mere thought of getting backdoor entry into their partner can be exhilarating. While there are many types of lubricants available to help people with anal play and sex, some may look for things available at home.

Olive oil is a product that has been around for thousands of years and was even used abundantly during the time of the Romans. Also, this oil does not have an aroma such as other products like petroleum jelly or baby oil.

Many people from older generations have referred to olive oil to combat vaginal dryness and soreness. With this, people often use olive oil for massage. However, as far as experts are concerned, they do not recommend using olive oil to massage private parts for fun or relaxation.

They even discourage people from using this oil on the delicate skin of infants and small babies. This is a fact in favor of olive oil, since it does not alter vaginal pH levels and will not lead to yeast infection. Water will not react with olive oil and wash it off, so only a few drops can keep things smooth and velvety for a long time. However, here a few drawbacks of using this substance as a lubricant for anal sex that you should be cautious of before applying.

Since everybody is different, there is always a risk of having an adverse reaction to a substance; which will undoubtedly be a buzz kill on any mood, so stay safe. Olive oil has a characteristic smell of its own that may be unpleasant to some.

Also, it can smell very foul once it turns rancid. Like mineral oilolive oil is an oil based lubricant know for destroying condoms. However, this property makes it unsuitable for anal sex, as it can clog the pores in the sphincter, causing irritation or possibly infection. If you are fond of olive oil, you can always use it externally to increase fun and excitement with your partner. Of course, olive oil and baby oils are sometimes the preferred choices of people engaging in anal play or sex.

These lubricants are available in different fragrances and can come as water based, oil based, and silicone based lubricants. They remain neutral and long-lasting to make anal much more enjoyable and smooth.

In the end, although olive oil is natural and pure, it is not recommended to be used as a lubricant for anal sex. There are a handful of reasons for doing say, but the biggest reason is safety.

We hope this article has been helpful in your understanding of using olive oil as lubricant. If something stood out to you, be sure to drop a comment below and let us know. We love hearing from readers. I set out to create a safe space for people to learn about sexual wellness and gain sound advice on some playful toys. Do not use for sex olive oil. Will produce serious injury on the skin of the penis and inside of the vagina.

vaseline and olive oil for buttocks

You can use olive oil for little back massage but not for sex. To many quick movements inside outside penis — vagina produce injury on penis and vagina. I tell you like a friend. Buy gel especial for sex or baby oil. Good luck. With respect.Are you looking for natural alternatives that can help visibly increase the size of your bust and buttocks? You can supplement your diet and usual exercise routine with the the application of homemade creams. These creams are made with products which contain firming properties.

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These properties contribute to the development of muscle mass and accumulation of adipose tissue. These creams also aid in preventing skin sagging, keeping these areas firmer for longer.

In this oneHOWTO article we will offer you suggestions on how to make your bust and butt bigger with homemade creams. This recipe is one of the most effective homemade creams used to enhance the bust and buttocks. Egg whites are one of the most reaffirming natural ingredients, this is thanks to its high content of proteins and vitamins.

Egg whites can aid in raising and enhancing these areas. Lemon is a fruit which contains exfoliating, rejuvenating and lightening properties.

vaseline and olive oil for buttocks

Lemon is also very useful in eliminating the appearance of stretch marks or other unsightly marks. Fenugreek is a medicinal plant that contains estrogen saponins which promotes muscle development and increases breast and buttocks volume.

Fenugreek is popularly consumed as an infusion, however it can also be made into a homemade cream. Fennel is another plant which helps augment breast and butt size.

Fennel seeds can increase hormonal levels in the body, which in turn, allow for a greater amount of adipose tissue to accumulate in these areas. As a result of this, these areas can look bigger and more voluptuous. Banana and avocado both contain vitamin A, C and E.

These vitamins aid in the stimulation of collagen and elastin. This stimulation results in firmer, smoother and softer skin.

This combination takes advantage of the natural firming properties of Nivea cream blue lid. By combining Nivea with the reaffirming properties of olive oilwe can guarantee a smoother and more lifted butt. This combination will also aid in the prevention of stretch marks and dehydrated skin. All you have to do is add a few drops of olive oil to the Nivea cream, mix and apply the mixture onto the breasts or buttocks.

Make sure your skin is clean before doing this. Remember, however, that these creams will not function simply on their own. These creams are meant to supplement a healthy diet and exercise regime.

Share on:. By Ameera Mills. Updated: September 2, Egg white and lemon cream, extra firming! Add the freshly squeezed lemon juice and its zest. Mix these ingredients until a smooth cream is obtained. Apply the lotion on the breasts and buttocks, massaging circularly. Allow it to act for about 30 minutes.Olive oil is an eminently practical product thanks to its myriad uses: cooking, salad dressing, scalp conditioning, skin softening, helping your cat pass a hairball — olive oil may not do it all, but it's still one of the most versatile items in your pantry.

That an olive oil-rich diet can reduce a person's risk of heart attack and stroke has been well documented, but did you also know it can improve a person's sexual response? According to a new studyconsuming a Mediterranean diet, and specifically olive oil, is associated with a lower risk of experiencing erectile dysfunction. Who would've guessed?! The study, led by cardiologist Christina Chrysohoou at the University of Athens School of Medicine in Greece, involved examining around men with an average age of Olive oil consumption appears to be heavily associated with improved cardiovascular healthwhich is why researchers believe it had this positive effect on sexual health.

The study was presented at the European Society of Cardiology conference, Newsweek reported. Although the study's results are novel, the correlation between improved erectile function and olive oil consumption isn't anything new: A study of nearly 2, menpublished in June in the Journal of the American Heart Association, found substantial overlap between predictors of cardiovascular disease and erectile dysfunction, including diabetes, obesity, smoking, and hypertension.

Participants who reported ED also reported serious cardiac events, like heart attack and stroke, at nearly twice the rate their non-impotent peers did. Which is to say, ED might in some circumstances be a predictor of cardiac difficulties ahead. If olive oil does in fact improve heart health, then it stands to reason people with cardiac-related ED would also benefit from upping their EVOO intake.

And "bedroom chances" aside, olive oil seems to do great things for our immune systems, cognitive function, and skin, regardless of our sex or gender. All olive oil everything from now on. This article was updated from its original version.Discussion in ' Oral and Anal Sex ' started by nz maleAug 2, Log in or Sign up.

Hip Forums. Olive Oil For Anal? Is this the same type of olive oil that we sell in my supermarket I work in?? If so, which sort not brand name is best?

I may have to purchase some! Sounds like it never dries out like waterbased lubes? I've used olive oil, and it's fun, but it's really messy, and it stains.

Lots of down sides and not a lot of upside. I'd recommend a good silicone lube like Wet Platinum, my fav. EssefAug 2, I agree with Essef. I have used it multiple as in too many to count times mostly without protection it eats through condoms in committed relationships. Stay Brown, Rev J. Reverand JCAug 2, Grape seed oil works pretty well, it's a bit lighter and less greasy than olive oil.

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You could also try coconut oil. It's solid at a reasonable room temperature but melts as soon as you touch it. Not too much mess to it either cleans easily with a bit of water. However, I would heed the others advice in regards to the materials you're putting it on.

vaseline and olive oil for buttocks

You should be fairly safe using oils with the poly-whatever plastic condoms. Numbah69Aug 3, The Imaginary BeingAug 3, I could also use olive oil on my penis when masturbating for a real nice slippery effect? The trouble with oils like that is that they tend to get everywhere and are next to impossible to wash out of anything. Brand doesn't matter, as long as its pure virgin coconut oil.

WriterAug 4, However, ever since having to undergo a circumcision, back in March, I find that, although not always essential, I need to make much more use of lubricant for standard masturbating.

As a result, getting better value for money becomes important, and I've found that Boys Own Lubricants do just that. They're cheap, and you get quite a bit for your money. While they're probably just the same thing when it gets down to it, the Silk one looks just like semen, which can add quite a touch of arousal through sexual fantasy alone.

PineManAug 4, FAQ on Coronavirus and Mefi : check before posting, cite sources; how to block content by tags. NSFW and probably gross for most people I'm talking gay unprotected anal sex.

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Assume these are two consenting adults that are engaged in a monogamous relationship. Don't derail my question with cautions of the inherent risk of bareback sex. It's extremely risky, don't do it!!!!


Okay, lets move on. I know that popular opinion is against using this material for lube. FACT: It breaks down latex in toys and condoms and can linger a bit so it could break down condoms used in the next few days or so. I've heard that it can harbor bacteria which is a risk for infection -- however, I just learned that silicone lube does this also and I've used it for years without any problems.

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I've also heard that it's used for actual medical purposes 'down there' without issue. I've done lots of googling, but I can only find info about how you're not supposed to use it for vaginal sex and the occasional cautionary tales of condom breakage.

I mixed olive oil with petroleum jelly (Vaseline). How long until it goes bad?

So, that leads me to the question - can I use vaseline as lube and not mess up my ass or the ass of my loved one? Assume frequent usage times per week, and a good shower post-coitus.

It'd be great to hear from someone that actually uses it regularly or perhaps has a friend or whatever. Vaseline is so messy. This stuff is fantastic.

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Good God, that is frequent use. The least-bad consequence is that it wouldn't be very comfortable. Take away the direct contact with soap and water, and there you go. It's really really hard to wash off of skin and even harder to wash it off of hair.

Mucous cleans your rectum and colon. Some people get lubricated several times a day. External cleansing is all that's necessary. Petroleum jelly can be difficult to clean from hairy areas. If you use a light oil, like olive oil, to clean the petroleum jelly off before washing with soap and water, you'll have better success.

Go Ask Alice is a pretty excellent site from Columbia University. I didn't find anything specifically about petroleum jelly, but this tidbit of info about olive oil seems to apply: Just because olive oil is ineffective for use with latex does not mean you have to avoid using it in all cases.


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