Harbor freight 5 watt foldable solar panel charger review

Sure it is big, but it is also 12V at 1. I took apart the car charger part and did my own little edits to it and made it into a nice little solar source. The first two pictures aren't the actual car port for the trickle charger its to my inverter. I needed a picture to show the inside of one though, they are pretty much the same though the charger has a built in trickle circuit.

Once the port is taken apart you can see the red and black wires, Cut them off and solder an extension to them so they leave the charger body I left the circuit in mine and in the body that way was easiest and it gave me the 12V output instead of a If you want the higher voltage, take it out and add a diode. Close it up and wrap it in electrical tape and use it for what you want. Add a battery pack on if you want to charge a battery, it can charge small batteries, dont try to "Charge" a 12v lead acid battery with this, it is only a battery maintainer and if you charge a lead acid battery with a low current constantly you ruin your battery.

Charging small batteries that are a lower voltage have charged fine for me. Thanks for reading. What is the hack? What is it for? What exactly can you charge with this? By mysterion Follow. More by the author:. About: When the world drives you crazy, go to instructables. Did you make this project? Share it with us!

I Made It! Reply Upvote.The foldable portable solar panels are known to be very convenient and reliable since you can use them anywhere needed.

The solar panels have been fitted with carrying handles plus fold compactly. Besides this, they are of varying power outputs so they suit charging different devices. Also, they have a higher conversion efficiency for quick and efficient charging. Built from weather-resistant materials, the units are highly durable plus suit use under all weather conditions.

When shopping for the foldable solar panels, check for things like conversion efficiency, compatibility, design, power output, built, and more. Get Product On Amazon. With a high conversion rate, this is a superior foldable solar that will efficiently charge all your compatible devices. The monocrystalline solar brings about a higher power efficiency despite the smaller panel. Besides this, it has a W output that brings about quick charging of devices.

It also folds compactly and with the convenient carry handles, it is a great piece that is very convenient. To add more, it has been crafted from the best quality of material to guarantees a longer lifespan. This also suits it for use under all weather conditions.

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The portable unit is a great pick to use for camping, picnic, and hiking among others. When looking for a low output solar panel for charging different phone devices, this is a perfect pick to try out.

The solar panel has a power output of 28W; hence will suit smaller devices. It is fitted with three USB ports that allow for charging different devices; hence a unit that will suit your charging needs. More interestingly, it has a high energy conversation of about Besides this, it is great for use under all weather conditions thanks to the pet polymer surfaces that will keep it safe from wet fog and rain.

The foldable solar panel is widely applicable as you can use it for charging DSLR cameras, Androids, Apple devices, and much more. The good news is that the unit folds compactly and with the lightweight design, you can easily carry it to any given place. It also unfolds easily for convenient use. You can use it when at home or at the camping site among other places.

When you need widely compatible solar that you can use for charging most devices, Jackery W Portable Foldable Solar Panel is an excellent unit to try out.

The solar panel has up to 10 different DC connectors, which implies that it is compatible with most solar generators. That said, it is a powerful solar panel with a power output of W. Because of this, it is designed for charging powerful devices that demand higher power input. Moreover, the solar easily folds into a compact unit to allow for easy portability. The carrying handles coupled with the lightweight mean that you can easily carry it to any place.

Again, it has been crafted from industrial-strength PET polymer that makes it weather-resistant for increased longevity. With up to four mounting holes, it is simple to install in any place. Irrespective of where you wish to charge your devices, this is a foldable portable solar that you will find convenient.

The solar folds compactly and with the included carry handles, it is easy to carry.Rodding Roundtable. Classified Ads Search Ads. View previous topic :: View next topic. I picked one of those Harbor Freight 1. It was only 11 bucks and change Was wondering if anyone else has tryed it and what kind of results should I expect?

The riding mower wont start either, I have to jump start it. I thought this might be a cure! There is no electric at the house.

Back to top. If you park the truck out side so the sun will hit the charger then someone will see it, and steal the charger then the battery. GPster wrote:. Late model VW's came with those to keep the battery up when the car sits for awhile. Gotta Race.

harbor freight 5 watt foldable solar panel charger review

Sorry for the remark! I'd think that it wouldn't bring a dead battery up. Maybe while you're mowing you could leave your vehicle running with the jumper cables attached to the truck and let it bring the battery up that way. Then let the solar charger keep it up. Todays results: Battery volts at start MrMopar64 wrote:. Believe it or not there seems to be more to lawn tractor batteries than I thought. The ones with hydrostatic drive seem to use a battery with increased cranking amps.

A girl at Lowes surprised me with this information and of course I needed the one that wasn't on sale. And Craftsman mowers have the terminals in the wrong places so you'll go to Sears and buy your battery.

If your tractor has hydrostatic drivethe tranny may be adding a lot of resistance having set for awhile. What does the battery voltage do when you're cracking it to start? The bad news isthe HF solar charger is melting sitting on top the dash in the sun light.

Careful with the solar charger This may not matter with this discussion. I bought a walmart battery for my Craftsman lawn tractor. Fit perfect. I use a Schumacher battery "tender" on my lawn tractor.

Maintains a constant voltage in the batteryit is NOT a mini charger.I originally wanted to design my own solar panel controller then buy the "best deal" in solar panels out there I could find. I found a lot of bashing on-line about these kits so I read through the BS and the three major complaints were:.

This is OK for me, I'm planning to just run a couple of lights and maybe a fan and none of these will be on for very long.

Top 10 Best Foldable Solar Panels in 2020 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

The controller that comes with this kit does not include a low voltage cut-off needed to protect the battery. This is absolutely not true and I found the schematic on-line to prove it's not true. Then I took the cover off the controller to analyze the circuit myself to verify the schematic is correct. This controller does include a low voltage cut-off to protect your battery from over discharge.

The positive points were the kit seemed to have everything I need except for a battery and maybe a power inverter! Also, everything appeared simple to hook-up. I wrote this instructable as a review of Harbor Freight's kit, but the real reason I bought the kit was to install solar lighting in my storage building.

You can see the full install in this instructable. My first surprise was how heavy this kit was - it's almost 60 lbs!

Next I unpacked the solar panels - each solar panel was protected by a pair of styrofoam panels.

solar charger kit harbor freight good review

I also discovered why the box weights so much. The solar panels are very heavy for their size. The next surprise came when I unpacked the tubes that assemble into a frame. I expected some cheap thin PVC tubing.

What was in the box was still plastic but the plastic was very heavy. Also, everything was clearly labeled. The other major parts - the controller and light were packed in a box inside the main box and the interconnect wiring was in with the plastic frame parts.

The shorter screws are used to assemble the frame. Everything goes together like the picture on the outside of box and like this instructable title says - no tools needed.

You just drop the screws through the holes then tighten the wing nuts. A philips cross tip screw driver won't hurt if you want to snug everything down tight, but it's not absolutely necessary. Like the box says - everything's included except the battery and a power inverter assuming you need onebut I don't need one because I'll be using the two 12VDC florescent lights included with the kit.

The solar panels themselves attach to the frame with the same style screws and wing nuts that are used to assemble the frame, only they are longer and include a small flat washer. The panels each attached with four screws, 2 on the top and 2 on the bottom. The frame itself has two swing out legs and you set their angle with two of the screws left over from assembly.

This makes it easy to set-up the panel, then take it down when not in use. If you like camping it would be easy to stow this somewhere in your Vanagon or camper then drag it out and set it up in just a few minutes. The three solar panel cords plug into the 3 way adapter that comes with the kit and you can't plug the wires in reversed.

Then the main cable plugs into the other side of the adapter. The ring terminal end of the cable attaches to the solar panel side of the charge controller back panel. Everything's color coded and just like the first part there's "no tools required". I was concerned about cable length so I stretched the solar panel main cable down my driveway and measured the length. The longest tape measure I have is 25' but based on the length left over, it looks like the overall stretched-out length is 30'.

This means you can park your camper or Vanagon in the shade and drag your solar panels out into the sunshine.

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Or if you are setting your solar panel up for emergency lights there is a good chance you can set the panel far enough away from the house to catch some light.When you subscribe, you receive only messages for the product you have subscribed to.

You can check your current subscriptions and remove yourself from subscriptions at any time by visiting the Reviews Home page and clicking on the 'here' box under Subscriptions. If you have comments, questions, or problems with this procedure please write to the Forums Manager. This project involves a management team of volunteers who each take a topic of interest and manage it with passion.

The site will be something of which everyone involved can be proud to say they were a part. Toggle navigation. Forgot Password. Reviews Home. Purchased the three panel set a few months ago. Put the panels on my shop roof and they have kept my deep cycle 12v battery charged ever since.

I have read the charge controllers that come with the panels do not work well.

Assembling My Harbor Freight 45 Watt Solar Panel Kit - No Tools Needed!

I have used the controller and had no problems. It seems to do it job just fine.

harbor freight 5 watt foldable solar panel charger review

I would reccommened these panels to anyone wanting to try some solar power. You will need a battery, the panel set and an inverter. I agree with the positive reviews. For the money, these are the best deal in solar panels. Yes, there are better panels, but they will cost far more. I like having multiple panels rather than just one or two higher amperage panels because if the one high power panel goes bad, your sunk, with this set, you will still have ones that will work.

I have bought 3 sets so that I have enough amperage to charge my back up radio batteries and a little light as well as some power to charge other batteries such as my AA batteries.

Be sure to buy a seperate charge controller, the box that comes with the panels does not do a good job of regulating the charging of the batteries, but is very handy for the voltage reducing plug in's as well as the two included lights. The panels work well in shaded light where some won't, they won't give max.

All in all, a very good deal for the price, that is why I rated it at a 5. The accessories sold by HF that go with the panels are low priced, work well and help connect the panels with little effort.

They are often out of stock, so get them when you find them.

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Living just a few miles off the San Andreas, I keep my system small, portable, and as redundant as possible. So I currently have 2 sets of these at opposite ends of my property.

I use a battery power all the time in the shack as I charge another couple outside at the panels. I am currently using Battery Tender Solar Chargers. I am metering 22v going into the controller on a regular day, and I know that I get at least 14v coming out of the controller on cloudy days.

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The frame provided at first seemed way too flimsy, but they have survived a wind storms with gusts up to 70mph The controller I don't trust for charging, and the included CFL draw 0.

SO KE7LLU has a small unit not even close to what this review is about to compare with, Plus some second and third hand reviews of units that "look" kind of similar?When it came time to add solar to my rig I begin researching and pricing out what I felt would be affordable and most of all effective. So where could I find a quality panel and yet portable. The watt solar kit, Harbor Freight item Every product picture showed the four panels lined up in a row. But in fact the four panels are capable of standing separately as each panel is in their own frame and has their own folding stand.

Bolting them together is optional. If the panels are to be deployed and stowed frequently, leaving them separate might make sense as the panels are much easier to handle individually. The package content lists wires but not their length. Each panel has a 3 meter long wire permanently attached. This wire terminates in a connector common to Harbor Freight solar products but its exact type specification is an automotive connector known as SAE.

It is definitely not the MC4 connector common in rooftop solar installations. The four panels connect into a 4-to-1 module. The four wire side are half a meter long, and the unified side has a 3 meter long wire towards the controller.

Adding it all up: Each of the panels can be up to 3. The package includes a 1 meter cable to connect controller to battery.

The kit included two LED light bulbs, each of which have a 5 meter long wire. Curiously, the long wire ends in a standard light bulb socket. But instead of the V AC household voltage we would expect from such a socket, it carries the battery DC voltage. This is a decidedly nonstandard and confusing way to do things. The simple 10 Amp charge controller covers the basics, guarding against battery overcharging and over-discharging at adjustable voltage thresholds.

The manual claims there is over-current protection as well, but there appears to be no way to adjust the current limit, either for charging or for discharging. I found this kit to be quite simple to put together and connect. It does a great job at keeping my batteries charged Even in low light. For those of you just starting out this kit deserves a good look at.

harbor freight 5 watt foldable solar panel charger review

It comes with everything you need except an inverter and battery. I would like to add that I installed an SAE wall mount on the outside of my camper which makes pluging and unpluging a breeze when packing up camp. This plug can be found on Amazon here.Login or Register Hello There, Guest! Please Login or Register to gain Full Access! Login Username: Password: Lost Password?

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Remember me. Thread Rating: 0 Vote s - 0 Average 1 2 3 4 5. Thread Modes. Gideon33w Posting Freak. Posts: Threads: 22 Joined: Dec Reputation: Just wanted to let you guys know that Harbor Freight is now offering a w kit similar to the old 45w kits they have been selling for years.

I like the amorphous panels for vandwelling. The array is about 39x55". You could fit that on a minivan even with a fantastic fan. I think the charge controller is the 30amp model which could handle a whole extra w array though you'd need a full size van to fit the less space efficient amorphous panels.

Code is: - Their ground shipping is slow but cheap.

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If you aren't doing refrigeration a w kit like this is a great starting point to run and charge your electronics plus a fan or other misc. RVTravel Posting Freak. Posts: 1, Threads: 31 Joined: Jan Reputation: Not a 30A charge controller.

This solar panel kit comes with a voltage regulator, mounting hardware and the basic connections you need to start generating renewable energy.

Use this easy-to-install solar generator to power small cabins, boats and RVs. Requires 12 volt storage battery and watt power inverter sold separately. KathyC Posting Freak. Posts: Threads: 8 Joined: May Reputation: 7. A high-quality panel that comes with an OK charge controller and MC4 cables.

The 90 day Harbor Freight warranty tells me all I need t know about their quality Renogy has a 25 year warranty.

Top 10 Best Foldable Solar Panels in 2020 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

It is not the "suitcase" type and doesn't have the 12 light kit, but this is, imo, a great starter panel that won't be obsolete if you want to grow your system later charge controller manages up to watts. Like I said, it's just my opinion This world isn't home Posting Freak.

Posts: Threads: 21 Joined: Mar Reputation: While readers may remember that I have posted about HF tool sales in the recent past, I don't care for their low quality solar kits.

Now I don't own one but have watched several YouTube reviews of their 45 watt systems, and they don't impress me as far as cost to wattage ratio's and overall quality. Now I could be all wrong and they might just drive Renogy under with this latest offering but I kinda doubt it Nothing wrong with you letting us know about the option, after all, I occasionally post about their sales too.

I believe you are misunderstanding the warranty. Renology has a standard defect warranty but otherwise the 25 year warranty is only in regards to a nominal decrease in output over 25 years. It's similar to the "best-buy" dates on canned goods. It's the date at which the manufacturer no longer guarantees quality. Not that I'm bad mouthing Renology. They do make good stuff.


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