Cary safe serial number lookup

Return to Credit Repair. Skip to content. I've never had the pleasure of manipulating this type of lock before and am excited to get at it. In this business, especially with manipulation, its ALL about identification, identification, identification! Your Cary was manufactured around and the lock that I would expect to find on the safe would be a Cary C-5, straight tail piece lock, with three screw change combination wheels and a front mounted driver with 9 false gates, though the true gate should be around 35 or The Patent date on the dial should be Sept.

While the Cary C-3 lock was fairly similar, it was a much earlier design, and used on earlier serial numbers. Obviously if you have experience manipulating standard lever type locks, you will find that manipulating straight tail piece locks is NOT going to be the same as the drive wheel gate has straight sides and not the "V" shape you would look for, so indications on the dial are NOT going to change.

Ok, I've given you about as much information as I can. The only number that WON'T change between the two dialing sequences is the last number - or drive wheel number.

Hope this helps. When you get it open, I would like to know what serial number is stamped on the back of the wheel curb. I'm keeping track of all Cary serial numbers and lock numbers. The true gate ended up being at I went all out and added a machinists 0.

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If I remember right someone was using a very similar technique in the late 's with a device called a "Hall's Manipulator" which was basically a counter weighted device attached to the handle. The counter weight was adjustable to give you a VERY consistent pressure on the lock, so that the measurements were easily indicated by a separate pointer. Very similar to a dial indicator, just not as sophisticated.

Even for as basic as these locks were, its very impressive how much attention to detail the manufacturer put into the wheel pack, and how great they look after OVER years. Notice the false gates in the drive wheel which I warned you about - they probably didn't give you much problem though. As far as the age, no I'm still at early 's around By keeping track of both the lock serial numbers and the safe serial numbers, it helps me identify safes which might be missing one or the other.

Congratulations on saving another great old safe. Board index All times are UTC.The company manufactured and sold bank vaultscabinets safesand safe deposit boxes from to Typically common was a customer's family name or the name of a business. Every Cary safe was built fire and burglar-proof. The company also manufactured intricate time locks and combination locksstandard key locks, and prison cells.

Although founded inthe company wasn't incorporated until Members of the old firm continued with the new company.

The Antique Safe Collector-Guy Zani Jr.

The company also employed a number of traveling salesman around the United States. Popular company advertising slogans included: [3] [4]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Former type. Buffalo, New York. United States. Scribner's magazine, Volume 67 Jan. Google Books. Retrieved The Atlantic Monthly, Volume June The Atlantic Monthly, Volume Jan.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Cary Safe Company advertisement for a double-door Cary safe January At SentrySafe, the health and safety of our associates is always a priority. We use cookies on this website. We use these cookies to enhance your user experience, improve the quality of our site, and to show you marketing that is more likely to be relevant to your interests.

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Electronic Security Boxes. Executive Digital Fire Safe. Back wall, upper corner.

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Right outside wall, lower corner. Fire Safes. Front, next to hinge. Lower right hand corner of safe door. Inside right corner of front door. Model Number. Front of safe, next to hinge. Bottom of product. Floor Safes. On side of handle.

cary safe serial number lookup

On handle. Gun Safes. On the back, near top corner. Right outside wall on lower corner.

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Back outside wall on upper corner. Peel off center sticker to reveal number on back.

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Gun Safes Electronic Lock. Behind keypad battery pack override key located here. Home Defense Center. Under the battery cover. Bottom front of the unit. On the back.

T-Line Security Safes.Return to Credit Repair.

i have a cary safe with the number 195538 on the handle. Need to figure combination out

Skip to content. The last digit 6 is about half the size of the other 5 digits. Is the size of the digit significant? The tumbler mechanism see photo has Y and stamped on the front and has 4 "rings. It is in good functioning condition and fair cosmetic condition. ANSWER: Carl, I would need to actually see your handle to make any comments about the stamping of the serial number, however - in general - there were no size differences Based on your serial number the safe would have been made around The serial number on the wheel curb Y is the serial number of the lock - different manufacturer.

I checked the serial numbers of another safe manufactured around the same time as yours, it's serial number isand the lock serial number is Y While I haven't been able to identify a correlation between the lock serial number and the safe serial numbers yet, I would expect your lock serial number to have been lower than it is. All this illustrates is that Cary didn't necessarily use the locks in sequential order when installing them on the safes. The lock is a Yale Y-6, 4 wheel combination lock.

I would like to see much better photos of your safe and lock to be able to answer specific questions that you may have. I would especially like to see the serial number stamped on the handle ball to verify what you are looking at. In order to answer specific questions, identify, evaluate or appraise your safe, I'm going to need photos. They should include full exterior and interior. Detail photos should include pictures of the dial, handles, hinges, artwork, locks, bolt work, castors, cabinetry and any special details or damage.

If you have a particular detail that you have a question about, I will need a photo of it along with your question. I will also need to see any documentation that you have in regards to your safe. If your safe has a unique historical perspective, you should be able to document this with letters, newspaper articles or photos, if not it is simply a story and will have no bearing on the value of your safe.

cary safe serial number lookup

Please use as high a resolution as possible so that I can examine details of your safe. If photos are larger than 2mb each, you may only be able to send 2 or 3 photos per email, requiring several emails. Send the pics directly to me, while this may be more work for you, it will make my job easier. Due to field work, emails may tend to get backed up which means I may not answer them immediately.

Our informal evaluation is at no charge, however if you feel you need a formal evaluation or appraisal for insurance, estate sales, donations for tax write offs, or to establish it as an antique, there is an administrative fee for this service.

Thank you for your prompt and thorough response. Here is a photo of the handle, showing the last digit of the serial number being almost half the size of the others.

You said that "in general" there were no size differences. I am just curious if this might mean something or be evidence of something interesting, or if it simply means they used a smaller stamping tool because it was handy. Thanks, again, for your response.

Sorry but this doesn't mean anything at all!!! No secret meaning, no hidden compartments, no "Willy Wonka Golden Ticket", it is simply a "mistake"! If you will look closely at the complete number, you will notice that the six numbers are NOT exactly in line either. Sorry, nothing more, nothing less. It also does not add any value, nor does it take any value away from the safe. Hope this helps. Board index All times are UTC.Need support for your remote team?

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Sentry Safe Model Number

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Web Dev. NET App Servers. We help IT Professionals succeed at work. Sentry Safe Model Number. Medium Priority. Last Modified: I am trying to determine the model number of a Sentry safe.

The number I found on our safe is R Is this the model number? I can not find this number at the Sentry Web site. Start Free Trial. View Solutions Only. Commented: I found this information from the link below. The first place we recommend you look is on the front cover of your owner's manual Gun Safe serial numbers will be on the back cover. Not the solution you were looking for?

Getting a personalized solution is easy.

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Ask the Experts. I am sorry for the above ill formatted post. R looks like a discontinued model number. They do still show accessories you can order for this model - drawers, etc.

Author Commented: Hi dhsindy, Can you send me any resources or links indicating the model is discontinued?Return to Rental Law.

cary safe serial number lookup

Skip to content. Antique Cary Safe Value Having a dispute with a tenant or landlord? Rental Law discussion. I like the safe for sentimental value, but I don't want to take something from my grandfather's estate if there is a meaninful monetary value to it.

Attached are a few photos, the safe is approx 22'wide x 22"deep by 31"H. It is on 4 wheels and I have the combo Thank you for your time and valuation, Dana Goodman In order to rate, identify, or evaluate your safe I am going to need pictures. If you have any historical documentation that you would like included in the evaluation make sure you include this also. Photos should be high resolution digital pics, to allow me to zoom in, to study in detail the safe you are requesting evaluation of.

Please review your photos before sending them. If the photos are larger than 2mb you may need to send them two at a time per email. We try to be as unbiased as possible when evaluating and appraising, or offering possible restoration options to you. If you need a formal evaluation or an appraisal for insurance, estate or resale purposes, we have an administrative fee for the extra work. Board index All times are UTC.Home page. Guy's Special Safes.

Safes in Wood Cabinets.

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Antique Floor Safes. Salesmans Sample Safes. Small personal Safes 1. Small Personal Safes 2. Sell Your Antique Safe. Antique Safe Banks C. Antique Safe Poster Sale. The Antique Safe Collector would like to announce a free new listing service to aid safe collectors sell and buy antique safes. The criteria to qualify for this free listing is as follows: 1. Safes must be or older. The listing will last for a 30 days or more from the date of initial listing and then will be removed from the site.

The Antique Safe Collector strongly suggests that you use this free listing service at your own risk and as always "Let the buyer beware"! This listing service is open to sellers located in the continental United States, Alaska, and Hawaii only at this time. I will post your ad within seven days of receipt of your information. Circa late 's Pittsburgh Safe Co. Antique Floor Safe. The safe retains all of its original exterior graphics and interior.


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